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How to play roulette strategy

How to play roulette

What to do if you like gambling, including roulette? How to play roulette and get winning all the time? There is still debate about what will help to win at roulette – either a set of certain actions, or a degree in mathematics professor, or there should still be luck. Professional players use various strategies to play roulette, and with their help they earn big capitals. Currently, there are several such strategies, you can choose the most suitable for yourself and play.

Strategy on how to play roulette

Every beginner should be serious about every game, emotionally grounded in every situation. Careless attitude to your rates and balances should be excluded. It is not for nothing that the professionals have a stable psychological level, which they have developed during the game practice. It is highly recommended that you study briefly the theory of probability and how to manage risk. This will help you better navigate the gameplay and prevent deaths. The strategy for how to play roulette and win is:

  1. Rule En Prison – used in some European casinos how to play roulette with success. The essence of this rule is equal chances (red / black, even / odd, large / small);
  2. Rule La Partage – has a certain similarity to En Prison, but is used in French roulettes, when a 0 rolls out, only half of your initial bet burns out. This rule reduces the casino’s winnings to 1.35%;
  3. The Surrender Rule is an identical rule similar to the French La Partage, only used in the USA, and the casino provides a win rate of about 2.63%.

There are a lot of tactics and methods for playing roulette, among which can be found appropriate variant.

How to play roulette with Martingale

The player places bets either only on red or only on black. At the same time, after each loss, the bet is doubled until a win occurs. Then the player bets on a different color and acts on the same principle. In the case of “zero”, a double bet is made on the color opposite to that which was chosen at the beginning of the game. It is recommended to start with a bet of $ 1 ..

How to play roulette: American and European

There is no purely mathematical roulette strategy that would allow the player to completely eliminate losses. Moreover, no single betting strategy can influence the mathematical profitability of a game. But there are tips:

  • Cuban’s method how to play roulette. It uses the principle of uneven distribution of red and black sectors over the field (for example, it is taken into account that there are more black zones in the center, and red ones on the 3rd line). To receive a win, a player must make two identical bets either on black and the 1st column, or on the red and 2nd column. The probability of winning in this case will be 54% .;
  • Method “5 of 6”. To play online roulette using this method, you need to place bets on five groups of six. This strategy is good if there is an opportunity to make big bets, because in case of a loss, you need to increase the rates exponentially. For example, we bet $ 1 per group, 5 groups get $ 5. In case of a loss, we will need to bet on the same groups for a total of $ 25, and so on;
  • Lucky Seven The name of this method reflects its essence: the player’s task is to win 7 times in a row. In case of a win, we increase the size of the bet by 50% (i.e., if we bet $ 100, if we win, we increase the bet to $ 150), in case of loss, we leave the bet unchanged.

There are other methods of how to play roulette at casino, making money on roulette, but they are less popular. Many masters of their craft create, try, experiment with new tactics, which they subsequently use and sharpen for their game.

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